Water, mosquitoes, and sugar


  • Wiwatana Tanomkiat, M.D. THE ASEAN JOURNAL OF RADIOLOGY.




COVID-19, Dengue fever, E-cigarette, Influenza, Malaria, Road accident, Sugar consumption, Thailand, Zika virus


Songkran, the new year and water splashing festival during 11-17 April, was the peak of road accidents in Thailand which now ranks number one in the world, COVID-19, and influenza. After Songkran was the World Malaria Day on 25 April. Thailand is striving to eliminate malaria as well as other mosquitoes-borne infectious diseases including Dengue fever and Zika virus. In addition to infectious diseases, Thailand is also facing with non-communicable diseases caused by excessive sugar consumption and smoking which currently appeared in a new form, the electronic version.





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